The art festival of Amsterdam in 2012

Starting from the rich architectural heritage with the pretty canals and the glossy shops of the city, Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands has sights, attractions and events in order to satisfy visitors of all tastes. This is especially true for art lovers and collectors, who can choose between different art fairs, including the famous Art […] http://dlvr.it/yzN0B

This infographic was first seen in Good Magazine. The particular infographic looks like monopoly (a board game) but it is just a timeline staring in 1908 and finishing in 2008.   Timeline Transportation. Cick to enlarge the image Brought to you by Travel Statistics http://dlvr.it/ywtWn

The visual flight map of two hundred space missions

The particular infographic was found on Fast Company. This picture was first published by the well known National Geographic in order to show this extraordinary flight guide/map by demonstrating the flight route of approximately two hundred space missions over the last fifty years. Brough to you by Travel Statistics Photo: Adam Crowe http://dlvr.it/ywrsw

Visiting Romania and the famous castle of Count Dracula

You want to visit Romania and are wondering what to see? Well…each of the regions has important cultural, architectural and natural beauty as well as many museums to visit. The regions in which Romania is divided are four: Dobrogia (the southern part bordering the Black Sea), Moldova (the east part bordering Moldova), Transylvania (the north-west, over the south Carpathians), Wallachia (south of the Carpathians and above the Danube). In recent years there is an increasing number of cultural trips in these regions organized by many agencies .There are many reasons […] http://dlvr.it/ysSkx

Lance Armstrong Farewell Travel Tour

While searching the best search engine in the world: Google I found out the last Tour de France with Lance Armstrong covering all the way. The route is described in a double page graphic from newsdesigner.com The first one is taken from the Oregonian:     The second one is taken from St. Pete Times: […] http://dlvr.it/yjHb0

The controlled transatlantic superhighway

If you ask somebody about the flight patterns they will respond that they are tight but not so tightly controlled. Below you can see the flight paths over the Atlantic. Isn’t it extremely controlled? By The Transatlantic Superhighway         http://dlvr.it/yhjqc

Travel made Easy: Hotels Escape

Find the best deals on the web on www.hotelsescape.com  Search from thousands of hotels around the world by name, city or Country. Find last minute deals and hotel reviews, all in one place.  Hotels Escape offers rates on group travel deals too, so you can book your large gathering with the experts in travel accommodation.   […] http://dlvr.it/yQ3kT